Mithra Jobs helps you to bag the best teaching job for yourself. It gives you access to plenty of teaching job vacancies at various locations in any part of the world. You can browse for the job opportunities as per your requirements and apply for the ones you find suitable which makes it worth for you to get registered.

The most important thing you can do is turn yourself into the most effective teacher you can be. The more effective you are, the more you will enjoy your job every day and the more you can set yourself up for promotions, pay raises, extra income opportunities, and other benefits, and the more you will be able to go out and land any teaching job you set your sights on. The second most important thing we will help you to choose your school employer wisely, since that will also affect your professional growth and effectiveness, your job satisfaction, and your future opportunities.

Teachers generally have a great deal of autonomy, more so than most jobs that college graduates find right out of college. You are entrusted with huge responsibility on Day One and you have the opportunity to design your classroom culture and design your lesson and unit plans. Every school varies in terms of the degree of autonomy teachers have, so when you are interviewing for jobs, this is a good question to ask the principal and teachers at the schools you are considering.

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Mithra Job’s employer database includes those who know exactly what they are looking for in a prospective hire and search our resume database as well as those who prefer to post positions and wait for applications. By submitting applications to posted positions and setting your resume to searchable, you will increase your visibility to employers.

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About Searching Jobs on Mithra Jobs

The elements of your job search:





Go to Contact Us located under help after clicking more in the main site navigation for a full list of contact options or call our customer success team at

We don’t charge anything for registration.

Yes, we work on recruiting teachers to various organizations all over the world.

Yes, we recruit faculty for all subjects from primary level to IIT, NEET including Principals.

Yes, you have to pay one month of your salary as the consultation fee. This can be done once you join the institution and serve them for one month. You can pay in 3-4 installments.

EdSkill test consists of two tests which include psychometric test and subjective test. These are done to check the psychological condition and subject level of the faculty. Psychometric test is a mandatory test where as subjective test is an optional test.

Yes. Depending upon the marks obtained by you in the EdSkill test, you be put in the priority list of the organization’s requirement. This also helps you to be placed in one of the best organizations.

You have to click “register” and give your mail id and set a password for it. Then you can login into the account and fill your details and your requirements along with your updated resume. You can search jobs as per your requirement, view featured schools and colleges, latest jobs, featured jobs, reviews and latest teaching news.

We process the registration if you send your updated resume and required details.

Once you are done with registration, our Mithra Jobs HR will contact you for telephonic interview. The short listed candidates will be scheduled for demo and/or written test and final interview by the organization’s HR.

If you are unable to prepare resume, we will help you by preparing a resume according to your requirements without any charges.

Absolutely, Mithra Jobs has listings and 150+ clients globally. We would help you to get a job at your location as per your requirements.

Yes. We recommend that you apply for all jobs that interest you and check our search job option regularly for new opportunities.

Once I have submitted my application, am I guaranteed an interview?

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Mithra Jobs receives many applications for each posting. As a result, it can take anywhere from 1 - 2 weeks for our Placement Coordinators to review your application. They will get in touch with you if you are selected for an initial interview within 4 days to a week. Do keep in mind that you are able to see the status of your application from your dashboard, so we recommend that you check back there to find out the latest updates to your application. Status updates include: “Submitted”, “Under review”, “Attempting contact” or “Closed”.

When are the new teaching jobs usually posted?
New positions are added daily to our job board. We always recommend all our teachers to check the job board regularly and apply to the positions that interest them.

Do I get free accommodation after being recruited?
Many schools provide or subsidize housing, and those that do not will often assist you in finding a suitable place to live.

Am I paid travelling charges when going to attend a demo/interview?
You have to attend the interview on your own expenses. But there are few organizations which provide travelling allowance.

I am currently working and I am searching additional job to do a part time job or as a tutor. Can I search my requirement through Mithra Jobs?
Yes, you can search for full time, part time and contract/temporary in advance search option. You can also search based on your location, position, category and date posted.

Can a person with a notice period apply for a new job?
Everyone can apply for a job besides having a notice period or an immediate joinee. The person will be shortlisted based on the organization’s requirements.

I applied for a position a while back but haven’t heard from you. What does this mean?
Either we reviewed your application and found that it didn't meet our requirements, or we have filed it for our next hiring period. We keep applications on file for six months.

Yes, you need to submit 3 of your original certificates to the organization after you get placed in it.

No, you will be teaching your subject in English.

Yes, in almost every case. Certification ensures that educators meet teacher education program approval standards.

Most schools do not impose age restrictions but there may be a subtle age bias towards younger teachers. However, if you are active, vibrant, energetic and a creative educator who loves being around young people, you will be able to secure a job.

Mithra Jobs is looking for potential fellows who have exhibited academic proficiency, demonstrated leadership, strong organizational skills, hold a masters degree and are inclined to make a commitment to the community.

Can I apply to teach two or more subjects at the same time?